The myths of sitting at the front

Struggling to focus in your lectures? Want to be able to take better notes? Move to the front.

We all know lectures aren’t always the most fun things. But it is a big part of university life and you got to go to them; so use this time to get some work done. Sitting at the front is the best way I found to start to be able to focus on what was going on and I have never been chosen to answer anything.

Let’s clear up a few of the myths about sitting at the front:

Myth #1 – I’ll get chosen to answer questions if I sit at the front

Wrong! I’ve never actually seen a lecturer choose anyone to answer their questions, if they’ve posed one at all. In fact, when I started sitting at the front, I noticed that the lecturer tended to look past me to the middle rows; makes sense, this is where to majority of the class is. Sitting at the front does not mean you’ll have to answer more questions. But it’ll definitely mean you get to ask more questions!

Myth #2 – It’s not cool to sit at the front

You’re at university; get over image and think about why you’re at university. You’re here to learn, and lectures are a great way to do this. Depending on whether your doing engineering or sociology, your lectures will give you differing amounts of information, but they’re there to initiate you and your mind into thought. Ever thought it would be cool to be able to live the life you want? Yeah me too, and getting a good grade so I can get the job I want is the first step.

At the end of the day, it isn’t being cool that gets you a job – its good work, grit and results that do. And even those people that look cool (think any musician or film star you like, or the head of Google, or Apple’s Steve Jobs…) haven’t gotten there by not doing anything. They’ve spent years mastering their art and practicing over and over again; figuring out how everything works; learning the rules, then breaking those rules and becoming cool because of it.

Cool isn’t, “I don’t care”. Cool is, “I care, I take the time to learn. Then I do it my way!”.

Myth #3 – I don’t want to be there, I want to sleep.

Don’t go at all. Just go back to bed.

Not convinced? Give it a go for a few lectures and see…

Sitting at the front is the single best thing you can do to increase your receptiveness to learning in lectures. Click To Tweet It removes distractions from your vision and means it’s just you and the lecturer. Have a go and let us know how you get along!

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Photo Credits: Judy Dean, Flickr

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