A poem of the moment

These are just some thoughts, I think,
that came to me at the kitchen sink.
Does my mum love my dad,
and if so why are they so sad?

And does my dad love my mum?
What does it mean if love’s not there,
what happens to all the things they share?

I think some thoughts about me too,
like why my girlfriend left me, and what was I to do.
It was a long time ago,
maybe I should let it go?

Where will I be next year, where will I be next month?
I’ve moved back home to study, yet, done nought but worry.
I worry about the world, what the future brings,
With Brexit, Tories, and plethora other things.

I cannot see my future, no light at the end of the tunnel.
It seems like the job market is squeezed into a funnel.
I think I’ll get myself some land and grow my food to eat,
but land is so expensive now, and none of it for sale.

If only people could love each other,
without fear of being judged;
maybe we’d get somewhere and,
not blame the ‘immigrants’ for everything we can’t be arsed to do.

Ole Blighty ain’t a country, its just an island in the sea.
The quicker we can see that, the quicker its not just you and me.
The state’s and nations across the planet are nothing but a construct,
oh wait, so are these thoughts, I think I’ve done the washing up.

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