Youth and our distaste

“Our mistake in despising young people is through our own ignorance of them. They are who we were not that long ago. Learning the bitterness of life and experiencing things for the first time. We are but foolish if we forget that learning never ends. Do not look at people as learned, full humans; but… Read more »

A poem of the moment

These are just some thoughts, I think, that came to me at the kitchen sink. Does my mum love my dad, and if so why are they so sad? And does my dad love my mum? What does it mean if love’s not there, what happens to all the things they share? I think some… Read more »

Time without clocks

Can you imagine a day without time? No need to be here, or rush to get there. Just, here, now? I recently got back from a rock climbing trip. Three days spent camping, climbing & contemplating. All spent between a cliff and the sea with 5 others, all friends from our University’s climbing society (apart from one,… Read more »