The myths of sitting at the front

Struggling to focus in your lectures? Want to be able to take better notes? Move to the front. We all know lectures aren’t always the most fun things. But it is a big part of university life and you got to go to them; so use this time to get some work done. Sitting at the front… Read more »

Flexitarianism, a useful term?

Heard of Flexitarianism? Yeah, me neither. But it’s supposedly going to be a key food trend of 2017! Flexitarians essentially follow a vegetarian diet, but they eat meat every now then. “Isn’t that a normal diet?” I hear you say. I would say not. “Is it useful then?” you ask. I’m going to say no to this also. The… Read more »

What is a Literature Review?

If you’re doing an essay based subject you’re bound to ask this question at some point. Even if you’re not, you might have to write a literature review for a multitude of reasons, and so you may also ask this question: What on earth is a literature review? A literature review, simply put, is a… Read more »

What is minimalism?

Minimalism (n): – a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterised by extreme spareness and simplicity – design using the bare essentials What minimalism isn’t Before we have a look at minimalism, let’s start with what minimalism is certainly not. It is not: getting rid of everything, living in a… Read more »

Fighting temptations – Student Loan

Fight off those spending temptations It’s that time of year. Student Loans are coming in and suddenly there’s a lot of money in your account. Mine came through this week. It’s a little buzz when it appears. Money is one of those things which is both so abstract and weird yet so intimate and real…. Read more »

Minimise your wallet

Is your wallet overflowing? Here’s a few easy steps to minimise your wallet Ever since I was a kid, I loved collecting cards. I’d go through every single bit of post to see if there was a bit of plastic in there that I could grab and put in my wallet. Thinking about it now,… Read more »

7 reasons to delete Facebook

Why you should delete Facebook. After having deactivated my Facebook account for 7 months and then permanently deleting my Facebook account 2 months ago, here’s what I have found: 1. I have so much more free time Without the urge to scroll through the endless ‘news’ feed of Facebook I have discovered free time in… Read more »

Scandinavian secrets to happiness

Create time in your day to appreciate the world around you and you’ll embark on the road to happiness.   Scandinavia is officially the happiest place in the world. All countries came in the top 10 of the World Happiness Index (see here). Denmark came top, with Iceland (sometimes counted as Scandinavian) as #2, Norway was 4th,… Read more »

Add more time to your life

How does doing more of what you want to do sound? Need more time? All you got to do is find those things that add value to your life! Simple.   Deciding to live my life was the first big hurdle I had to get over when changing my lifestyle. It doesn’t sound difficult, but it does… Read more »

Keep your breakfast interesting (the easy way)

The breakfast’s the same, yet it changes every day – plenty of goodness & keeps you full.   I don’t know if you are like me, but I get bored of my breakfast very quickly. After eating something for a week or so, all of a sudden I just don’t like it any more. Put off from… Read more »