The magical art of tidying up your iPhone Home Screen

The skill of minimising distractions is difficult. It’s hard to take stock sometimes of what you need to do right now and what you don’t. Our phones rarely leave our sight, and the vibrations travel right up our spine when that Facebook notification begs us to respond. More than that, while we’re working emails pop… Read more »

Do Less, Get More

Design your life with less. At the end of my second year of University, the advice I was receiving was to do as much as I can: build contacts, go to networking events, get an internship, do a part-time job, have side-projects, read, study, play sport. It was overwhelming. And during my degree I did all these… Read more »

10 Must-Have App Mac Apps for Productive Students

From life-admin to remembering to submit your assignments to ensuring you never loose your work. The Macbook is a great friend throughout university and beyond, a worthwhile investment. Finding great apps you can use (most together with your iPhone/iPad) is difficult and it took me many years to find the good ones. So I’ve put… Read more »

Formatting an essay

I’ve seen a lot of advice out there on formatting an essay. Some say just use Arial font and double space; other’s discuss margins; and some look at headers and footers. But what’s the best way to do it? This post is here to help you figure out the best formatting for what you need to do…. Read more »

How to take notes

How to take notes in lecturesWhen it comes to how to take notes in lectures we all have different methods. Here the three best note taking styles I’ve used: Standard Method: This is the basic note taking style. If you’ve ever taken notes at college, it’ll probably be like this. It is set out in a… Read more »

How you can focus in lectures

If you’re struggling to focus in lectures, these simple tips will help you to boost your concentration. After the initial buzz wears off, we all know lectures can be really dull. Some lecturers don’t seem to care or want to be there; many are terrible at presenting; some speak way to quickly, and some way to slowly. Being… Read more »

The myths of sitting at the front

Struggling to focus in your lectures? Want to be able to take better notes? Move to the front. We all know lectures aren’t always the most fun things. But it is a big part of university life and you got to go to them; so use this time to get some work done. Sitting at the front… Read more »

What is a Literature Review?

If you’re doing an essay based subject you’re bound to ask this question at some point. Even if you’re not, you might have to write a literature review for a multitude of reasons, and so you may also ask this question: What on earth is a literature review? A literature review, simply put, is a… Read more »

Fighting temptations – Student Loan

Fight off those spending temptations It’s that time of year. Student Loans are coming in and suddenly there’s a lot of money in your account. Mine came through this week. It’s a little buzz when it appears. Money is one of those things which is both so abstract and weird yet so intimate and real…. Read more »